Nutrition Talks


An interactive nutrition talk for you and your peers – be it family, colleagues or your health-minded friends! – to enlighten your minds together on wellness topics that have never been more important.


How does it work?


Assess your needs

We sit down with you and discuss your needs to determine the best possible talk for the occasion.


Book Your Slot

Select a time and pinpoint your address for the nutrition talk.


What Happens On The Day

Set up our talk materials and BCA machine (For health snapshot, optional)

Give you the lowdown on health, wellness and lifestyle, focused on the requested topic, with a challenging activity (Optional) to really help the message sink in

Go back and forth on the topic in consideration and throw in some activities, so that we all take a new perspective on our health and wellness away with us.



Option 1: Nutrition Talk

Option 2: Nutrition Talk & Educational Activity

Option 3: Nutrition Talk, Educational Activity & Individual Health Snapshot


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I have been more than happy with the services from Nutri2Go. My nutritionist arrived on time at my office with a massive smile and extensive knowledge. She took the time to understand what my goals were, and followed up with superb advice. Thanks largely to her wisdom, and my disciplined approach to converting her instructions to ritual and habit, I have lost 6 kilograms and am definitely heading in the right lifestyle direction. She, and her expert advice have played a paramount role in my new path of healthy living. Highly recommended.

Assyl Yacine
Nutri2Go Client


Nutri2Go has been really helpful for all the Bootcamp participants where they were given nutrition advice by the expert Karishma. Since nutrition is a very important part of the Bootcamp program, Karishma did an amazing job by helping and guiding the participants with what their diet should and should not consist of, as part of nutrition talks for 5 Bootcamp batches. Most of them followed her suggestions and got positive results.

Chandnee Kaurani
Yoga Bootcamp Organiser, 136.1 Yoga